Sunday, January 22, 2012

Semolina (Durham) Bread with a Whole-Grain Soaker

This recipe marks the "official" end to the Hamelman Challenge. With this loaf, all but the decorative projects have been done. That's ignoring variations on several recipes as well. At this point, I don't plan to go back through looking for variations, I do plan to continue and do at least two of the decorative projects. And once I've done that, I hope to do at least one more post about the project in general. But the end is upon us.

The last loaf was a fine recipe to end on. I'm fond of Semolina Bread to begin with and like whole-grain breads in this style. And this loaf was no disappointment. I used a durum flour (finer grind) than the semolina used on the last loaf but with the added whole grains, I can't say I saw much difference. Overall, this is a solid loaf. While not one of the very best, it was one of the best. A keeper!

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